Medicinal Uses & benefits:-

  • Brinjal is very nutritious and is sometimes referred to as poor man’s meat.
  • Brinjal is anti-diabetic and used to check diabetes.
  • It reduces swellings of legs; its decoction is applied gradually over the parts.
  • Crush the fruit and squeeze juice. Apply juice on the palm and sole. It will check perspiration acting as sweat preventive.
  • The Brinjal is an excellent cholesterol regulator.

Brinjal is very effective too, when used externally in a fat or oil-based preparation to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort.


Brinjal fruits, commonly known as eggplants, are versatile ingredients in cooking. They can be baked, barbecued, fried, or pickled, adding depth to various dishes. In Mediterranean and Indian cuisines, they are often pureed and flavored to make dips or chutneys. In Indian cooking, they feature prominently in curries and can even be used to create soufflés. Before cooking, it’s common practice to soak the cut fruits in cold salted water to prevent discoloration and reduce bitterness.